A word of thanks to Alison for a wonderful post-pregnancy massage.
My sister-in-law sent me for this wonderful treatment on a visit down to Durban, which as to spend time with family and show them, my special new baby girl.
The treatment was a well-needed spoiling for myself, and a chance to just relax in the hands of such a professional person.
Alison is so easy to talk to and offered such great advice, on issues that I had after having my baby girl.

The cherry on the top was that I received one of her gift bags with lots of interesting samples and items.

What a lovely treat on top of the amazing treatment.

It’s a pity I am not in Durban more often as I certainly would book a few more treatments.

Thank you so much.

Shelly Katzke

Let me just start off by saying Alison is truly an amazingly gifted woman with such a huge heart. The postpartum massage was absolutely phenomenal, I have never been more relaxed in all my life. Alison is passionate about healing and nurturing the human body and mind. It was an absolute pleasure having a massage done by such a talented woman and would definitely highly recommend her.

Maxine Abdie

Alison is not only gifted with the most incredible massage skills but she is also kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable in all things fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and general health and wellness.

I met Alison during my pregnancy where I received pregnancy massages followed by a couple of induction massages. She has truly magical hands and not only did she help ease the discomfort felt towards the later part of pregnancy she also helped to put my mind at ease and prepare me emotionally for the delivery ahead. 

My daughter’s birth was via an emergency c-section and I had a series of postpartum treatments with Alison a few weeks after the delivery.  She really helped me to feel comfortable with my scar and showed me how to massage my tummy which helps with healing the internal wound. 

My physio was so impressed with the healing of my internal scar and attributed it to the treatments I had with Alison. Thank you Alison for always making me feel calm and cared for in your presence. 

I can say without a doubt you are the most talented and skilled massage specialist I have met and you offer so much more than just massage to your clients, you really take interest in their entire well-being. 

Simone. Hall Boonzaier

I was first referred to Alison by my OB/GYN when I mentioned my back, feet, and hips being sore in my third trimester. I was especially concerned about my hips as I thought it may pose a problem for labouring. I went to Alison for a pregnancy massage. My body was so relaxed and happy. I felt so spoilt and cared for.

My pregnancy was progressing normally, but we were concerned about how big my boy was getting and so decided to do a c-section at 38 weeks. I was desperate to go into labour first and went to Alison again and we tried everything to get my body going. My boy had other ideas and I did not go into labour. However, the work done with Alison got me physically and mentally ready.

The delivery went smoothly, and I healed amazingly.
My next challenge came when trying to breastfeed. The nursing staff all told me I would not be able to breastfeed properly because I had had a breast enlargement. I was determined to prove them wrong. On day 4 my milk came in and I instantly had mastitis. I messaged Alison and asked what we should do. She called me in to see her. She massaged my breasts and worked on a few pressure points in my body to help the blocked ducts release (and then gave me a relaxing post-partum massage as well).

I continued to rub the breasts in the ways she had shown me, and the blockages went away. I did not need any medication. I then had concerns about my supply and again Alison was on hand with her vast expertise to help me. I am now breastfeeding with ease and have enough to spare.

I have continued to see Alison for post-partum massage and infant massage. The post-partum helps with the aches in all the muscles that are not quite used to being worked so hard. The infant massage was great for my c-section baby and helped him “realise” he had been born.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove everyone wrong and to feed my boy in the best way possible! All while caring for me as a client and a person.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jennalee King

Thank you Alison for your wonderful service.

I joined Alison for post-partum massages after delivery of my first child. I found her massages terrific. They helped me to relax, reduced my back pain and even got my tummy back to near pre-pregnancy condition.

Alison also helped to massage my breasts to increase the milk flow and showed me how to massage the breast before pumping to get significant amounts of milk for storage.

But best of all: my little girl was always welcome and got fully entertained by Alison while she was massaging me, so that I could just enjoy a bit of me-time.

Anne Tuschinski

I started seeing Alison for pregnancy massages during my 2nd trimester. Having to travel all day daily for work, pregnancy massages were of great benefit especially from Alison who is truly gifted and a specialist. Alison knew exactly what I needed. She gave time to talk and get to know my personal needs, and additionally as a first-time mom I got a lot of wise tips from her.

After each session, I felt a difference with back and shoulder pains. I could manage all duties much better, and this was especially important to me whilst being pregnant, as I want to work for as long as possible and be healthy, whilst growing our baby

Alison suggested that a book a post – partum massage, at the time I did not realize just how important these treatments were going to be for me.
I now can truly say that post-partum is when one really need a massage. Not knowing how much pain one can get after delivery a baby or whilst caring
for a baby. My one regret is that I did not go earlier for my first treatment with Alison.
After just having one post-partum massage session,
I felt immediately less back pain, but more importantly at the end of the day after caring for the little one,
I didn’t complain about the back pain as I used too.

Alison has made the most positive impact on my health and body during my pregnancy and after.
Her treatment sessions have given me not just great massages, but also loads of beneficial information too

As I continue with my treatment sessions,
I appreciate every minute, with this amazing lady!

Thank you Alison, for using your God given talent with us all.

Nolwazi Makhany

I was very excited to go for my postpartum massage with Alison today, and will highly recommend her!

I wasn’t sure if I could bring my baby to the massage but she assured me it wouldn’t be a problem. Alison was very accommodating, and always made a plan around Lilly’s needs. For a while she was comfortable in her car seat, then she became a bit niggly, so Alison suggested I feed her while she continued my massage.

I thought this was really kind, and this way we could both stay nice and relaxed. I always enjoy my massages with Alison, her advice and care is what makes each massage a little more special. A big thank you for making our time relaxing, for both myself and babe.

Thanks for everything

Lisa Wallet

Having had Preggy massages, I was keen to try out the post partum massage mainly because I was having a c-section delivery.

I opted for the post partum package. I was curious to see how this was going to be after having a c-section.

It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful at all. I felt very relaxed and energized after these massages.

I still do them once a week and I would recommend everyone have one at least once a month!

Definitely a treat for your sore body!


Alison was truely god sent for me. She not only supported me through the last stages of my pregnancy but she also healed me after. Through her massages my body was prepped for birth.

Her post partum massages helped me heal faster and feel stronger. She is not only for physical gain. The love and support she gives you is what ultimately makes the difference. She is always helpful and gives u a sense of calm and empowers you! Tks Alison for sharing your energy and your amazing talents with me.

A Happy Mama